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TD Ameritrade Review USA 2021

Our TD Ameritrade Broker Review - Create Your Open Account

Welcome to our TD Ameritrade review! TD Ameritrade is a giant in the online broker world. With a wide range of trading products, high-functioning trading platforms, and research and education tools second to none, TD Ameritrade USA excels in all departments. Although the fundamental company has been around since the mid-70s, it was only in 2006 that the company rebranded as TD Ameritrade. Over the years, with great guidance and tactical decision-making, this broker has gone from strength to strength. Today, they have over 12 million TD Ameritrade open accounts with an estimated value of over $1.2 trillion.

Our TD Ameritrade review will take you through the ins-and-outs of the operations as it is known today. You’ll be provided with all the necessary insight you’ll need to make an informed decision on whether the TD Ameritrade broker platform is the right for you. In this TD Ameritrade USA review, you’ll be able to read up on which account types are available to you, accepted payment methods, regulatory and security oversight, with special mention to any existing offers. We’ll also provide an analysis of the various trading products offered by TD Ameritrade. Read on to find out more about this fantastic online broker!

TD Ameritrade Pro and Con
  • Dynamic, highly-functioning trading platforms
  • Exceptionally low trading fees, including free stock and ETF trading
  • Progressive and insightful educational services for beginners
  • Top-notch customer service department, well-versed in all trading needs
  • Only possible to trade in US markets

TD Ameritrade New Customer Offer

Due to the ever-expanding number of businesses that are digitizing their operations and moving online, you’ll find a similar increase in the number of offers you’re confronted with. Each business is competing for a finite number of customers, and one way to attract new customers is by offering a generous sign-up deal. An example of a generous competing offer was found during our SogoTrade review, which is worthy of a look.

The TD Ameritrade broker platform might have a lot of clients, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in attracting new ones. Our TD Ameritrade review has noted that, at the time of writing, they’re offering a new customer deal. The offer is valid until the end of 2020 (31 December) and comes in the form of a cash reward for signing up and depositing funds. Sign-up offers might seem appealing at first but are only really applicable to clients who deposit large amounts.

You’ll be eligible for up to $2,500 in cash if you deposit funds once you’ve created a valid account. The minimum amount you can deposit is $250,000 in order to receive $350 in cash. Deposit $500,000 and you’ll receive $750. A deposit of $1,000,000 will net you a cash reward of $1,500 while funding your account with $2,000,000 will see you receiving $2,500 in cash.

Usability, Look & Feel - Our TD Ameritrade Review

The next part of our TD Ameritrade USA review looks at the general usability of the website. The broker has gone for a standard template which is aesthetically pleasing. Different shades of green complement the actual text and you’ll find it easy to navigate. On the homepage, you’ll find a search bar function. This allows users to easily find what they’re looking for and makes for intuitive navigation. Landing pages are quick to load and full of in-depth information.

If you’re looking to log in to your account, you can do so by inputting your details on the homepage. There are spaces for your username and password and you won’t have to visit multiple pages to access your account.

Below the search and login functions, you’ll find the main pages titled next to one another. Tools & Platforms, Investment Products, Guidance, Retirement, Education, and Research are all clearly displayed and is only one click away. For general information, you can simply scroll down on the homepage and you’ll find complimentary images and call to action buttons. All in all, our first impression of the broker’s website was more than satisfactory. Our TD Ameritrade review USA is eager to continue on our analysis – read on to find out about the available TD Ameritrade open account options.

TD Ameritrade Open Account Options

TD Ameritrade has launched a range of different accounts which suits various types of traders. From a standard account, to specialty account, and much in-between, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right one for you. Below, we’ll outline the most popular TD Ameritrade open account options:

Standard Account

There are 7 different types of standard accounts available to you. You can choose from an individual account, tailored for one owner with no minimum funding required. The next is a joint account – choose between a Rights of Survivorship and Tenants in Common account. The former joint account allows for undivided interest in the entire property of the account. The latter allows for specified percentage ownership bestowed upon each member. Community Property and Tenants by the Entireties are accounts for married couples. Please make sure you reside in a state that allows this type of account. For minors, one can make use of the Guardianship account for individuals. For more information on the individual account offers, visit the official website.

Retirement Accounts

There are 7 different retirement accounts on offer by TD Ameritrade. Each provides the member/s with added flexibility and are tailored to specific income brackets and all have certain tax benefits. The various TD Ameritrade open account options for retirement plans include Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, Solo 401k (small businesses), Simple IRA, and a Pension Plan account.

These retirement accounts have been devised to provide individuals, employees, and small businesses with a safety net and are exclusive in their scope and internal benefits. Although our TD Ameritrade review has given reference to the different account types, you can find more information pertaining to each on the TD Ameritrade website.

Education Accounts

Our TD Ameritrade USA review is extremely impressed with the availability of these TD Ameritrade open account options. Geared toward students who wish to save for college, pay off expenses, or minors who are still too young to legally manage their own portfolio, this is testament to TD Ameritrade’s vision of inclusivity and a shared goal of pursuing the financial independence of the next generation. As mentioned in our USAA investments review, although USAA investment doesn’t necessarily offer educational accounts, their educational services are also inspiring and great for beginners.

Specialty Accounts

There are a range of specialty accounts available to individuals and businesses alike. You’ll certainly find a TD Ameritrade open account option that is the right fit for you. Visit the official website and click on Account Types > Specialty Accounts and choose one that suits your needs. We’re certain you’ll find one within no time.

Two more TD Ameritrade open account options include managed portfolios and a margin trading account.

Trading Platforms - TD Ameritrade Broker Platforms

TD Ameritrade opinions have only good things to say about the powerful and efficient trading platform employed by this broker. You’ll find innovation is at the forefront of these platforms and constant updates provide users with leading tools that are adaptable to all trading products and situations. Take a look at our TradeStation review for another broker pushing the envelope and providing traders with high-end platforms.

Web Platform

The web platform is an online platform available to users with an internet connection. TD Ameritrade USA opinions have rated this company’s research tools and functions as being the best for a number of years and it’s clear to see why. Our TD Ameritrade review is quick to note the interactive and intuitive features that the web platform possesses. A clear-cut design makes for quick reading and tracking products has never been easier.

thinkorswim Desktop/Web

This desktop trading platform is tailored to professional traders who require elite tools and strategies to trade with. The software is downloadable and can be customized to suit the preferences of the trader in question.

The web platform has been streamlined for traders and does not necessarily have all the features of the desktop platform. Having said this, you’ll have access wherever you find yourself – as long as there’s an internet connection. Preconfigured strategies and all essential tools will be available and ready for use.

Mobile App

This app might seem basic at face value due to the clean design, however, it’s anything but simple. The app allows for trading in stocks, ETFs, and options with streamlined order entry and editing. You’ll have access to charts displaying all relevant indicators, active alerts, real-time quotes. In addition to the mobile app, you’ll be able to use thinkorswim’s mobile app that has access to multi-leg options, forex, stocks, futures. Access is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Once you’ve chosen a TD Ameritrade open account option, you’ll be eager to fund your account. You’ll have your pick from 5 main funding options.

An electronic bank deposit is the most popular payment method used by clients. Limits are set between $50,000 and $250,000 while the processing time is almost instant.

You can fund your account via wire transfer. One big advantage of this payment method is the fact that there is no deposit limit. You’ll need to wait 1 business day for the transaction to clear. For more information, contact your bank.

Funding your account with a check is also an available option. You can send a check, no limit, via your mobile app or mail. Checks take between 1-3 business days to process.

If you have an existing account with another firm, you can transfer your account. This includes transferring all assets such as stock, ETFs, options, and more. Completion time for account transfers takes up to 1 week. You can do this process online.

Lastly, you can deposit physical stock with physical stock certificates. You’ll have to mail in the certificate and wait 1 business day for the certificate to be processed.

Customer Service

Once again, our TD Ameritrade review USA is astounded with the fantastic ratings in terms of customer service. This broker has made it extremely easy for clients to contact them, via a plethora of different contact services. Visit the Contact US section at the bottom of the official website for a complete list of contact options.

You can call the TD Ameritrade broker platform for various enquiries on different lines. For new accounts call 800-454-9272. Existing clients can call in on 800-669-3900. There are telephone numbers for Spanish and Mandarin speaking clients, while you’ll find international support, retirement consultants, and services for clients with impaired hearing.

You can text TD Ameritrade USA at TXTTDA (898832) or you can message them on Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Message.

If you’d prefer to visit a physical branch, enter your zip code and find out whether there’s a branch nearby. There are 250+ branches nationwide.

You can also make use of self-service options in case you require information immediately or are struggling to get hold of a representative.

Regulation and Deposit Protection

For such an expansive company, you’d expect them to be regulated by various agencies and financial bodies. Our TD Ameritrade review has noted that there’s an entire section on their website dedicated to explaining their security protocols and privacy policy. They’ve implemented leading software to protect client’s sensitive information and the flow of data is encrypted and continuously monitored. TD Ameritrade USA holds multiple SSL Certificates and puts security at the forefront of their online operations.

This broker is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities Investor Protection Commission. Both require firms to operate within the strict confines of the law and transparent practices are put forward.

Additional Offers

Our TD Ameritrade review USA was unable to find any mention of additional offers, notwithstanding the new customer offer. However, you aren’t required to deposit funds to open an account with the TD Ameritrade broker platform, and this allows you to explore their platforms and equip yourself with the necessary experience before you start trading.

We’d be remiss not to mention the various accolades attributed to this fine broker in our TD Ameritrade review. They’ve received various awards, including being named the #1 overall broker for consecutive years running. They continue to be named as the leading broker in multiple categories and according to a study by Business Daily, was named one of the top brokers in terms of customer service, options trading platform, and research tools.

TD Ameritrade Bonds

TD Ameritrade Bonds

Bonds provide traders with a fixed-income investing option. It is possible to preserve wealth, diversify a portfolio, and generate income when trading in bonds. With TD Ameritrade, you’ll find over 40,000 offerings from over 100 dealers. When you break it down even further, there are over 3,000 bond mutual funds and over 400 bond ETFs. 300 of the bond ETFs are commission-free.

There are a number of specialists on the TD Ameritrade platform that offer unbiased recommendations and advice.

Bonds Trading Costs

When it comes to trading bonds, the pricing structure is based on a slightly different policy. There are some exciting bonds which can be traded on a commission-free basis. Treasuries at auction are available commission-free. Thus, by trading in treasuries, traders can avoid incurring commission fees. All other bonds will incur a commission fee which is based on a net yield basis. In order to calculate costs, make use of the bond calculator which will also help in calculating yields.

There’s also the option of utilizing the competitive pricing service of secondary bond trades. The bond transaction fee is set at $1 per transaction for these types of bonds. It is prudent to ensure that trading is done via the online platform.

Bonds Markets & Trading Places

There are ways of finding suitable bonds on TD Ameritrade. Using the TD Ameritrade CD Center and bond wizard application are the two aforementioned options. This provides traders with the necessary functions in order to sift through bond listings. It is possible to filter bonds according to your personal investment strategy.

Product Summary & Conclusion

Trading bonds on TD Ameritrade may prove to be slightly more intricate than the other investment products on offer. However, once traders get the hang of it, there is much to be utilized. There are a number of commission-free bonds that will certainly rank at the top of any traders list.

TD Ameritrade Stocks

TD Ameritrade Stocks

TD Ameritrade offers traders an extremely intuitive trading platform. There are endless possibilities when it comes to trading stocks using TD Ameritrade services. This online broker covers a range of US and Canadian-listed stocks. For those interested in trading international stocks, it might be wise to look elsewhere. However, for those traders who prefer national markets, TD Ameritrade is unrivaled. There are real-time quotes, extensive research tools, and third-party reports, enabling traders to leverage their knowledge through innovative functionality and features.

Stocks Trading Costs

TD Ameritrade does not implement a commission percentage on stock trades. This means that there is a 0% commission rate on trades that includes stocks. Keep in mind that this only applies to stocks listed on US exchanges. OTC stocks will incur a commission fee of $6.95 per trade.

For those who utilize the assistance of a broker when trading stocks will be liable to pay $25 broker-assisted fee.

Stocks Markets & Trading Places

There are a number of different stock exchanges that can be accessed via TD Ameritrade. Most of these are domestic exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. It is possible to buy common stock on the Grey market, via the OTC Pink market, and Over the Counter market.

The TD Ameritrade web platform is great for stock trading. There are fantastic features which do not cost anything. Excellent order routing will enable the best possible price execution while third-party analysis provides in-depth insight into markets and exchanges. The thinkorswim platform can be downloaded or accessed via a web browser. It is also possible to use the mobile app to buy and sell your favorite stock in real time.

Product Summary & Conclusion

TD Ameritrade is fantastic for those who enjoy trading stocks at a domestic level. The trading platforms on hand are industry-leading, which makes for extremely convenient trading.

TD Ameritrade Futures

TD Ameritrade Futures

TD Ameritrade has incorporated an exciting futures trading service. By using the TD Ameritrade US trading platform, traders are able to access a number of different futures. It’s a great way to diversify a portfolio and gain insight into new markets. There is a strong emphasis given to professional traders, who will have access to over 70 different futures products 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

For newcomers who are slightly wary of investing in futures, TD Ameritrade offers Micro E-mini Index Futures. These futures provide traders with a much lower cost of entry by way of lower margin requirements.

Futures Trading Costs

Futures and options on futures have the same cost structure. The TD Ameritrade Plus Fees pricing is transparent. There is a $2.25 fee per contract on either futures or options on futures. This fee excludes exchange and regulatory fees. It is possible that exchange fees vary depending on exchange. However, as a general rule, this fee is set at $0.02 per contract.

Futures Markets & Trading Places

Futures products include metals, currency, grains, stock index, energy, softs, forest, and livestock. Some of which provide tradable options while the rest do not. Metals, currency, grains, and energy all provide tradable options.

The Active Trader tab on the thinkorswim Desktop has been designed specifically for futures traders. One-click order entry and fully customizable charting features allows traders to recognize and map trends and find entry and exit points.

Product Summary & Conclusion

TD Ameritrade once again provides traders with an investment product which is backed up by a state-of-the-art platform and intuitive trading tools. It’s possible to trade futures as a professional or relative newcomer by using this fascinating platform.

TD Ameritrade Options

TD Ameritrade Options

Options trading involves a contract that gives a buyer the right to buy or sell a particular asset at a predetermined price on or before a specific date. When utilized correctly, options possess clear advantages over instruments such as stocks and ETFs.

Traders use options for various reasons such as for income, speculation, and to hedge risk. Knowing how to trade options can be a particularly useful tool, especially in volatile markets. You are provided with far greater leverage and can hedge your position. The potential to generate additional income is ever-present and thus, makes for an exciting trading product.

If you find yourself eligible to use TD Ameritrade, it’s a industry leader for options trading. Their innovative platforms allow traders to utilize a range of tools and charts for options trading. You can schedule a 30-minute consultation in order to find the best platform for your trading needs.

TD Ameritrade Options Trading Costs

Once again, TD Ameritrade is transparent in their pricing policy. They do not charge a commission rate for options trading. However, there is a $0.65 fee per contract for online trades. If you make use of the interactive voice response phone system, you’ll be charged an additional $5.00 on top of the $0.65 fee. Trades assisted by a broker will cost $25.00 per contract in addition to the standard $0.65.

Lastly, select index options are subject to an exchange fee and you can verify this on the official website.

TD Ameritrade Options Conclusion

TD Ameritrade is a leader in online options trading and we can’t fault them in this department. There is ever-helpful guidance with their advisory newsletter, a free educational platform with an array of articles, videos, curriculums, and more. You’ll have access to an extensive product list and 24/7 support.

TD Ameritrade Funds

TD Ameritrade Mutual Funds

TD Ameritrade has created a multi-functional platform for trading mutual funds. There are a number of unique features which allow traders to personalize their own platforms. Using the comparison tool and instant x-ray tool, it’s possible to sum of current holdings and compare mutual funds within minutes. There are over 13,000 different mutual funds on offer when using TD Ameritrade. The top mutual fund families are covered. In addition to the wide selection of mutual funds, is the option to trade in NTF funds. These no-transaction-fee funds will allow traders to keep costs to a minimum.

Mutual Funds Trading Costs

As the name suggests no-transaction-fee funds have 0% commission rates. Load mutual funds also have a 0% commission fee. However, the fund family will implement fees according to their own pricing mechanism. No-load mutual funds carry a commission rate of $49.99.

For newcomers, NTF funds are recommended. There are hundreds of these on the TD Ameritrade platform. It’s also advisable to use the mutual funds toolbox when comparing which mutual funds prove to be most valuable. This way, traders can approach their investment by way of unbiased tools and features.

Mutual Funds Markets & Trading Places

You’ll be able to trade primary, advanced, and all-in-one funds via TD Ameritrade. Use their listings to find out more about the available funds on offer. The TD Ameritrade Premier List will provide you with the best performing mutual funds. These picks are based on third-party research and do not represent any interests tied to TD Ameritrade.

It’s possible to trade mutual funds using one of the trading platforms, 24/5. This allows traders to keep abreast with current changes and capitalize on any market-moving headlines.

Product Summary & Conclusion

TD Ameritrade offers an abundance of mutual fund options. Analyzing and trading mutual funds is streamlined by way of strong fundamental research tools and platform capabilities.

TD Ameritrade Forex

TD Ameritrade Forex

Forex trading is the act of buying and selling currencies. The aim is to make money off the difference that transpires between the two currencies. For traders whose interests lie with Forex trading, a variety of TD Ameritrade open account options will allow you to access the forex trading markets daily, from Sunday to Friday. You’ll have a choice of 70 different currency pairs.

TD Ameritrade Forex Trading Costs

Our TD Ameritrade review has noted that there are no hidden costs associated with Forex trading. No commission is taken on this type of trading. The actual cost of the trade can be found in the bid/ask spread.

There is a liquidation policy which liquidates positions once daily for accounts with a risk level of less than 100% at 4am EDT. For intraday trading, if the risk level of the account falls to 25% or less.

TD Ameritrade Forex Conclusion

As is the case with most of the TD Ameritrade USA trading products, you’ll be provided with a fantastic platform to trade currencies and experience Forex trading. thinkorswim provides professional standard tools and you’ll be able to access all major currency markets.

TD Ameritrade ETF

TD Ameritrade ETFs

ETF trading has never been easier than with TD Ameritrade. The online broker caters to professional traders and inexperienced traders by way of their robust trading platforms. It’s possible to use the platform with relative ease, even if it is the first time buying and selling ETFs. There are a large number of commission-free ETFs that come from extremely credible industry leaders. These ETFs include asset classes such as equities, bonds, real estate, commodities, and currencies. All of which are commission-free!

ETF Trading Costs

The commission-free ETFs come with transparent pricing. All domestic and Caandian-listed ETFs are commission-free. Although there are no commission fees on these ETFs, it is likely that there will be certain associated costs. But, by sticking with online trades, these costs should be rather low. ETF trades that are assisted by a broker will include a $25 fee. The IVR Phone System service comes with a $5.

TD Ameritrade is committed to fair pricing and will not implement hidden costs without prior notification.

ETF Markets & Trading Places

When it comes to domestic exchanges, NYSE and NASDAQ feature heavily. It’s possible to trade numerous ETFs via these two exchanges. Exchange-traded notes can also be found by accessing the OTC Pink Exchange. TD Ameritrade is well-known for providing domestic investment opportunities and thus lacks international coverage.

Take a look at the ETF Market Center on the TD Ameritrade website. This market provides commentary, analysis, and personalized screeners. Ultimately, it’s a one stop shop for ETF traders with exciting and innovative research tools.

Product Summary & Conclusion

TD Ameritrade continues to impress with their wide selection of trading products. The ETF coverage is commendable. Coupled with industry-leading software and objective analysis, it’s clear to see why TD Ameritrade is so popular for ETF trading.

TD Ameritrade Crypto

TD Ameritrade Crypto

Cryptocurrency trading involves speculating on the movements in price of cryptocurrencies, or entering into the buying and selling of crypto coins. TD Ameritrade has recently invested in a crypto exchange, called ErisX. This will allow TD Ameritrade USA clients to trade in crypto. You’ll need to send the broker an email expressing your desire to use this platform, and once fully integrated, you’ll have access. For now, you can trade in Bitcoin futures at TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade Crypto Trading Costs

The fact that this trading product is still in development, there are no set-out pricing plans and associated costs. Once this becomes clear, we’ll update our TD Ameritrade review to display the necessary information. You won’t be able to choose a specific TD Ameritrade open account option for crypto trading as of yet.

TD Ameritrade Crypto Conclusion

Once again, we’ll update this section when more information becomes available. However, if you wish to know more about the crypto exchange ErisX, then read the following. It’s a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange and clearing organization. It’s a one-stop shop for digital asset futures and spot contracts. The platform has streamlined digital asset trading and has emerged as a facilitator of more robust capital markets.

You can also take a look at our Wealthfront review or Vanguard review for a fair comparison.

Overall Conclusion - Final Thoughts In Our TD Ameritrade Review

We’ve come to the end of our TD Ameritrade review and hope you found what you were looking for. In terms of industry-leading practices and platform implementation, TD Ameritrade is a leading online broker. They provide an extensive list of trading products and services to clients. This is accompanied by complex research tools, truly informative educational courses, and attentive customer service.

They appeal to speakers of different languages and are fully integrated across the globe.

Ultimately, this broker, in its pursuit of technological innovation, has been able to supply clients with the platforms and tools that best suit each type of trader. Whether you’re a novice or professional trader, there’s a place for everyone on the TD Ameritrade broker platform. For casual traders looking for a smaller enterprise, we’d recommend taking a look at our TradingBlock review. Also, check out our Robinhood review another popular broker aiming squarely at the trading newcomer.

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